About Quality Connections

The company name of “Quality Connections” is more than just a description of how we actually install and connect A/V Equipment. “Quality Connections” also describes how the company operates, who our clients are and where they come from. The personal “Connections” we have with so many “Quality” people in the Chicago-Land Area are where all our glowing referrals come from. We earn these referrals because of the flawless and timely installations
we provide to our clients at a very reasonable price.

quality-connections-vanThe Experience

Quality Connections prides itself knowing that when a project is 100% finalized, that project works perfectly every time. With the integration of quality equipment and professional know how, our clients are never let down. Any project we install is tested over and over to make sure that all equipment is communicating properly and a client will never have any problems with their system.  We also take the time to determine exactly what your needs are with any system we sell and install. We will never provide you with anything that is beyond your needs or understanding. We will also provide you with a system that is easy to understand and even easier to use. To ensure that you do understand the system we will give you an in depth tutorial to you and anyone else that may need to use the system. We will let you take control when you know how to work the system in its entirety. With all electronics, sometimes problems may arise. In the rare occurrence that fluke incident does happen, we take detailed notes of every project we do. These notes will help us determine over the phone how to solve the problem to get you up and running in no time again, or if we have to come out and make a service visit.

The Difference

With Quality Connections there will be no surprises! So many times we have earned a new client’s trust because another Audio Video company handed them a final invoice that was nowhere near the initial proposal. We are experts, we know what the system will require when planning it, and we will give you just what you expect and nothing different.