Additional Bar and Restaurant Solutions

bar camera stock photoCCTV Systems  We also offer restaurant surveillance systems that owners and managers can login remotely and check on business.  We use all types of cameras including PTZ, Bullet, Turret, Dome and even hidden cameras.  From 4 camera systems to 100, we have a system for your establishment.

P.O.S. Wiring  We will install the wiring infrastructure for P.O.S. Systems, which includes all major systems like Micros, Revel Systems, Breadcrumb, HotSauce, and any Cloud Based Systems you may want to use. We know how the systems work, and we know how to wire correctly for them.  We do work with most P.O.S companies closely and can put you in touch with the right solution for your business.

Wireless and Hard Wired Network Solutions  We can provide, install and manage your in-house and guest networks.  Most restaurants require a commercial grade network so your guests can login to your WiFi to tweet, Post and write reviews on all social network websites giving your business better online presence!  Also, since now a lot of P.O.S. Systems are Web based, we offer this service to support your needs.