Chicago’s Q-SYS Conference Room Solution

Over the past 10 years QCAV has had the opportunity to design and install AV systems for conference rooms throughout the tri-state area! In doing this we have experimented with equipment form different manufacturers and through trial and error, we have developed a full proof, easy to use system able to integrate into almost any new or existing conferencing space!

The brain of our system is the Q-SYS Core 110F. This device takes all of the audio’s inputs and outputs (speakers, microphones, VOIP phones, etc.) and integrates them into a simple to use touch screen control. By using the Dante Audio protocol, the core is able to seamlessly sync all audio to its internal time clock completely eliminating all delay and audio syncing issues! The device also features some of the most advanced DSP (digital signal processing) on the market. Using tools like eq’s, compression, gates, noise cancelation and echo reduction we are able ensure that all audio coming and going from the system is crystal clear and free of any un-wanted audio artifacts!

Q-SYS Core 110f - Chicago

The Shure MXA-910 ceiling microphone is the industries most advanced and sleekest microphone in the business! With the option to mount from a fixed ceiling or fit perfectly into a drop ceiling tile space, the mic is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. The mic has eight steerable lobes, think about it as this one mic with eight smaller microphones inside. Using Shure’s Designer software, we can point each lobe in a different direction and choose the microphone’s pick-up pattern to cover audio for an entire conference table! Each person speaking, no matter their seat at table or distance from the microphone, will sound the same to the person on the far end of the call. No more huddling around a small speaker phone or yelling across the table!

Q-SYS Shure MXA 910 Ceiling Microphone - Chicago

Q-SYS has created a line of  PTZ Cameras that integrate flawlessly within the Q-SYS environment! The cameras easily mount directly under TVs for an incredibly sleek look. The camera’s tilt, zoom and other functions are all seamlessly integrated into the Q-SYS touchscreen. Since all audio is ran through the core and the camera is connected to the core you can be assured that all audio will be perfectly synced to the lips of the person speaking. Set up for any computer on any video conferencing software (Skype, bluejeans, go to meeting, etc.) is a breeze allowing anyone to come in, plug in to their device and attend their meeting in no time at all!

Q-SYS Touchscreen Controller - Chicago
Q-SYS - PTZ Cameras - Chicago

The Q-SYS Touchscreen is the main controller for the room. Fully customizable to represent your company, it controls all volume and source control for the room. Custom buttons can be programmed to display company logos or any photo on the TV screen when not in use. VOIP or analog phone lines can be integrated directly into the touch screen for easy use! By using the MXA-910 ceiling mics, in room speakers, adding a dial pad and digital contact book into the touch screen we are able to turn your whole conference room into a giant speaker phone while maintain crystal clear audio and a simple to use design!